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Fund overview

Goal: long-term capital appreciation, we aim to yield consistent, better-than-market, long-term returns while keeping the volatility of the Fund lower than average market volatility.

Investment region: Emerging Europe ex. Russia. The fund focuses on investments in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Austria (companies with CEE exposure), Croatia, Bulgaria, the Baltic countries and can invest in Turkey.

Investment case: the fund offers a good way to get an exposure to the long-term convergence theme of Eastern Europe. GDP per capita of Eastern-European countries is currently on average 60% of that in developed Europe and expected long-term growth potential is almost twice as high. The region benefits from close ties with the Western Europe and has become a manufacturing and R&D/financial/IT support hub for a number of international businesses.

Style: actively managed long-only UCITS fund that follows a systematic bottom-up value approach. Fund offers exposure to a limited number of carefully selected companies listed or operating in Emerging Europe region.

Focus: value companies; we invest to companies that according to our analysis are undervalued relative to the cash-flow generation and dividend payment potential of the underlying businesses. Various other elements such as quality of assets, financial strength and management competence are included in decision making process in order to select companies with superior risk-return parameters. Sector and macro specific risks are included in bottom-up stock analysis while liquidity risk is an integral part in the portfolio construction.

Perfomance and charts Fact sheet How to buy?

Trigon funds have been awarded with several Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards and other awards for being the Best Equity Fund over the years.

Trigon New Europe Fund


  • NAV 21.7300
  • Investor buys 21.7300
  • Investor sells 21.7300
  • Net assets (mio) 118.6300

Download Unit D (EUR) historical prices as CSV

Graph is generated from Unit D (EUR) data.

  • 1 day 0.46%
  • YTD -0.91%
  • 1 month 2.31%
  • 3 months 6.16%
  • 6 months 2.55%
  • 1 year 1.52%
  • 3 years 45.21%
  • 5 years 42.76%
  • Since launch 240.00%


  • NAV 34.3000
  • Investor buys 34.3000
  • Investor sells 34.3000

Download Unit E (EUR) historical prices as CSV

Graph is generated from Unit E (EUR) data.

  • 1 day 0.47%
  • YTD -1.20%
  • 1 month 2.24%
  • 3 months 6.16%
  • 6 months 2.45%
  • 1 year 1.19%
  • 3 years 43.29%
  • 5 years 39.42%
  • Since launch 243.00%


  • NAV 97.4900
  • Investor buys 97.4900
  • Investor sells 97.4900

Download Unit B (EUR) historical prices as CSV

Graph is generated from Unit B (EUR) data.

  • 1 day 0.47%
  • YTD 0.00%
  • 1 month 2.68%
  • 3 months 6.46%
  • 6 months 0.00%
  • 1 year 0.00%
  • 3 years 0.00%
  • 5 years 0.00%
  • Since launch -2.51%

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Fund facts

  • Region
    New EU member states
  • Investment style
  • Fund Type
    UCITS IV; FCP (fonds commun de placement)
  • Fund/Investment Manager
    AS Trigon Asset Management (registration code 11339670)
  • Manager
    Mehis Raud
  • Management Company
    IPConcept (Luxemburg) S.A. (registration code (Luxembourg) No B 82 183)
  • Supervision authority
    Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier
  • Auditor
  • Depository
    DZ Privatbank S.A. (4, rue Thomas Edison, L-1445 Strassen, Luxembourg)
  • Fund launch
    10 April 2002, redomiciled to Luxembourg on the 9th of April 2018
  • Dealing
    Daily, cut-off 12:00 CET
  • Domicile
  • Public marketing license
    A EUR, A USD, D EUR, E EUR share classes in Estonia, Finland, Switzerland and UK; A EUR, D EUR, E EUR share classes in Sweden, Austria and Germany; A EUR, D EUR, E EUR share classes in Norway (institutional investors only)
  • ISIN, A EUR share
    LU1687402393, WKN A2DYMA, Bloomberg Ticker: TRICLAE LX
  • ISIN, A USD share
    LU1687402476 (old ISIN: EE3600109468), WKN A2DYMB, Bloomberg Ticker: TRICLAU LX
  • ISIN, A GBP share
    LU1687402559, WKN A2DYMC, Bloomberg Ticker: TRICLAG LX
  • ISIN, B EUR share
    LU1687402633, WKN A2DYMD, Bloomberg Ticker: TRICLBE LX
  • ISIN, C EUR share
    LU1687402807, WKN A2DYMF, Bloomberg Ticker: TRICLCE LX
  • ISIN, C GBP share
    LU1687402989, WKN A2DYMG, Bloomberg Ticker: TRICLCG LX
  • ISIN, D EUR share
    LU1687403102 (old ISIN: EE3600018602), WKN A2DYM, Bloomberg Ticker: TRICLDE LX
  • ISIN, E EUR share
    LU1687403367 (old ISIN: EE3600102372), WKN A2DYMJ, Bloomberg Ticker: TRICLEE LX
  • Pensions Myndigheten