Trigon Asset Management offers discretionary account management services to institutional investors. Similarly to our public funds we have managed to achieve superior absolute returns and even better risk-weighted returns with our existing managed mandates.

Goal: long-term capital appreciation, we aim to yield consistent, better-than-market, long-term returns while keeping the volatility of the Mandate lower than given benchmark volatility.

Investment region: Emerging Europe including Russia, Turkey and Central- Eastern Europe, sub-regions and countries of Emerging Europe, frontier countries of Emerging Europe.

Minimum mandate size: EUR 20 mn.

Investment case: the mandates offer a tailor made solution for getting exposure to long-term convergence theme of Emerging Europe. Emerging Europe constitutes of set of countries with different and even opposing macro drivers, different levels of living standards and macro cycles. That offers a fertile ground for stock-picking to value driven and active managers like us.

Focus: value companies; we invest to companies that according to our analysis are undervalued relative to the cash-flow generation and dividend payment potential of the underlying businesses. Various other elements such as quality of assets, financial strength and management competence are included in decision making process in order to select companies with superior risk-return parameters. Sector and macro specific risks are included in bottom-up stock analysis while liquidity risk is an integral part in the portfolio construction.

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