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Trigon Asset Management is an Emerging Europe focused independent investment boutique. We offer insightful investment strategies into the Emerging Europe region, helping investors to navigate these under-researched markets thereby achieving superior returns.

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Trigon Asset Management

Trigon Asset Management is an Emerging Europe focused independent investment boutique. Our experienced investment team manages over EUR 900 million of clients assets allocated to Emerging Europe. Our core business areas include active management of 2 open-ended UCITS funds and a growing number of regional mandates.

Trigon funds consistently rank among the top-perfoming funds in their peergroup and we take pride in having won numerous awards for their performance over the years. In 2024, Trigon New Europe Fund was awarded as the best Emerging Europe fund for its 3 and 10-year performance, and Trigon Dividend Fund was awarded as the best income fund in Europe for its 3-year performance by LSEG Lipper Fund Awards.

At Trigon Asset Management, our success is based on partnership and we are guided by our deep-rooted Investment philosophy which works particularly well in the underresearched Emerging Europe markets.
34.5% of the equity is owned by fund managers. Trigon Capital owns 65.5%.


Why Trigon Asset Management?
Trigon Asset Management has over the last 15-years demonstrated one of the best performances amongst Emerging Europe fund managers. We have been active since 1994, and possess extensive knowledge of the local economies and its inefficient financial markets. We are bottom-up stock pickers focusing on sustainable free cash-flow generation and we look for companies with attractive valuations relative to their growth prospects. Our decision making relies on thorough inhouse research backed by 250+ yearly company visits and meetings. As a result, our portfolios often differ substantially from the regional benchmarks and at times can lead to contrarian positions.

Over 98% of AUM we manage is outside of Estonia. Our funds are registrered for sale and accessible in multiple countries and platforms.

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Company NAV 1D% YTD 1Y
Trigon New Europe Fund, D (EUR) (12-Jul-2024) 42.82000.61%18.85%39.34%
Trigon Dividend Fund, C (EUR) (11-Jul-2024) 30.48030.48%13.72%30.99%
Trigon Russia Top Picks Fund, A (EUR) (Closed for trading since 25-Feb-2022)8.7476*N/AN/AN/A
* Fund unit NAV as at 12-Jul-2024

Award-Winning Investment Expertise

Trigon Asset Management has consistently unlocked the potential of Emerging Europe, garnering over 60 prestigious international awards in the past eight years. This recognition includes a coveted #1 ranking in 2023 by Citywire for our Dividend fund among over 800 global multi-asset funds, a testament to our expertise in the region.

Our success originates from our investment philosophy combined with an active portfolio management that takes our team deep into the details of our portfolio companies. This rigorous approach, coupled with an unparalleled understanding of the Central and Easternm Europe economic and political landscape, allows us to navigate complexities and identify promising potential. Our extensive experience and consistent, award-winning performance provide a cornerstone for investment success in this emerging region.

The 2024 LSEG Lipper Fund Awards are recognizing perhaps the most dramatic three-year period that the markets have seen in decades. Fund managers being recognized have steered their investors through a pandemic, a mild recession, a war, skyrocketing inflation and dramatic central bank intervention.

Whether you’ve been investing for just the past 15 years and have seen only the easy money environment following the Financial Crisis – or you’ve been an investor for 50 years and feel as if you’ve seen it all, there is no way to have foreseen the range of fundamental and non-financial factors that impacted the markets these past few years.

We applaud the 2024 LSEG Lipper Fund Award winners such as Trigon Asset Management for delivering outperformance and the accompanying comfort of consistency to investors’ portfolios through a cross-current of global market disruptions.

Tom Roseen, Principal, Lipper Global Research, LSEG Lipper.

Investment philosophy

Active. Focused. Quality. Value. Ethical.

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Trigon Dividend Fund is doing a cash payment to D-unit holders of 1.04 EUR per unit

Payments from the Fund will be made on December 14, 2023. D-unit holders are entitled to receive payments, who have entered in the register as unit-holders as of the end of the business day on 11 December (record date). Consequently, the date of the change in the rights attached to the units (ex-date) is 8 December 2023.

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Responsible Investment

As an institutional investor, Trigon has a duty to act in the best long-term interests of our beneficiaries. In this fiduciary role, Trigon believes that environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues can affect the performance of investment portfolios (to varying degrees across companies, sectors, regions, asset classes and through time). Therefore, as of 26th of July 2018 Trigon is a signatory of PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment), world`s leading proponent of responsible investment which was originally developed in collaboration with the United Nations.

Trigon’s view on important responsible investment and ownership related issues are detailed in Trigon`s Responsible Investment and Ownership Policy. Trigon’s Voting Rights Policy describes how Trigon exercises the voting rights associated with the holdings in the funds.

How to buy?

Over 98% of AUM we manage is outside of Estonia. Our funds are registered for sale and accessible over multiple countries and platforms. Please read more.

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