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Trigon Asset Management is an Emerging Europe focused independent investment boutique. Our success is based on partnership.

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Trigon Asset Management

Trigon Asset Management is an Emerging Europe focused independent investment boutique. Our experienced investment team manages over EUR 500 million of clients assets allocated in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey and the Baltics. Our core business areas include active management of 3 open-ended UCITS funds and several contractual mandates.

Trigon funds consistently rank among top-perfoming funds in their peergroup and we take pride in winning numerous awards for their superior performance over the years. In 2017, Trigon Asset Management was awarded as the Best Small Equity  Company in Europe by Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards.

Our success is based on partnership. 34.5% of the equity is owned by fund managers. Trigon Capital owns 65.5%.

Why Trigon Asset Management?
Trigon Asset Management has been active since 1994, and possesses extensive knowledge of the local economies and financial markets. We are bottom-up stock pickers focusing on sustainable free cash-flow generation and we look for companies with attractive valuation relative to growth prospects. Our decision making relies on thorough inhouse research backed by 250+ yearly company visits and meetings. As a result, our portfolios often differentiate substantially from the regional benchmarks and at times can lead to contrarian positions.

Our mission is to build long-lasting partnerships with our clients by delivering superior investment performance across economic cycles.

Company NAV 1D% YTD 1Y
Trigon New Europe Fund, D (EUR) (25-Nov-2022)24.44001.08%-6.93%-7.00%
Trigon Russia Top Picks Fund, A (EUR) (28-Oct-2022)8.74760.00%-42.34%-46.79%
Trigon Dividend Fund, C (EUR) (24-Nov-2022)19.86570.28%-5.59%-4.66%
* Fund unit NAV as at 25-Nov-2022

Investment philosophy

Active. Focused. Quality. Value. Ethical.

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Trigon New Europe Fund open for new investors

AS Trigon Asset Management, the Fund Manager of the Trigon New Europe Fund (hereinafter the “Fund”) hereby informs that the Fund will on-board new investors again. With the decision from 15th of March 2021, the Fund was temporarily closed for subscriptions from new clients. The risks which caused the temporary soft-close of the Fund no longer exist, thus the Fund is now open for subscriptions by new and existing investors at the unit value starting from 8 March 2022.

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How to buy?

All Trigon funds are publicly offered in Estonia, Finland and Sweden. For other European countries, please read more.

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