Trigon - Where heritage meets innovation, to create a more sustainable future.

Asset Management

We offer insightful investment strategies into Emerging Europe region, helping investors navigate the markets and achieve long-term financial goals. Trigon Asset Management is an Emerging Europe focused independent investment boutique where success is based on partnership.

Asset Management

Food, Feed & Bioscience

Trigon Carbon Negative Agriculture, a wholly owned part of Trigon Group, is one of the largest milk producers in the European Union and has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the industry.

To grow our leading position in agriculture, we bridge the gap between scientific research and real-world applications, founding and financing biotechnology start-ups to bring innovation to the farming sector in order to ensure a more sustainable future.

Building Materials & Property

We promote sustainable development through Trigon Group owned and managed environmentally sustainable domestic and international property projects and building material production companies.

Trigon Capital Group is a proud sponsor of the Estonias National Chess Association.

There is a natural synergy between strategic planning required in chess and in business development. This partnership reflects our commitment to supporting excellence and fostering a culture of strategic thinking, both on and off the board.