Corporate and property management and investing

Trigon Capital, founded in 1994, has historically been a leader in Baltic direct corporate investing as well as corporate finance advisory dominating these sectors from the 90’s through to the early 00’s. Today Trigon has focused its efforts in three main areas listed below.

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Agri and related environmentally sustainable next generation solutions

In its agri related activities Trigon manages Trigon Dairy Farming Estonia, the largest dairy farming group in Estonia and one of the largest in the EU. Trigon is also involved in high tech agri related start-ups working together with local universities in sectors such as next generation environmentally sustainable animal feed and indoor hydroponics solutions.

Wood based environmentally friendly construction materials industrial production

Trigon through its stake in Pärnu Holdings OÜ is a controlling shareholder in Nordic Fibreboard AS. Nordic Fibreboard is one of the largest wood processing companies in Estonia producing fiber boards sold to countries around the world. Trigon believes that wood based construction materials will increasingly displace less environmentally friendly alternatives in most aspects of construction.

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Property development

Trigon is involved in managing property development projects in Estonia, Croatia, Russia and Ukraine. The size of the building rights of the projects managed exceeds 1,000,000 sq m. The projects cover a variety of property sub-sectors.

Examples of property projects

Historical experience and track record

Founded in 1994 Trigon (until 1999 known as Hansa Investments) was, through funds advised by it, the largest source of corporate direct investments in the Baltic countries throughout the 1990’s. Trigon’s corporate finance department dominated the arrangement of share issues and the M&A market throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s. After the 2008 economic crisis Trigon decided to focus its activities on selected sectors and is today a leading player in the sectors described under Corporate and property management and investing.

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