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Trigon Dividend Fund payment to D-unit holders

Trigon Dividend Fund is doing a cash payment to D-unit holders of 1.04 EUR per unit

Trigon Asset Management AS as the fund manager of Trigon Dividend Fund (Fund) has decided on cash payment to D-unit (ISIN: EE3600001715) holders.

Payments from the Fund will be made on December 14, 2023. D-unit holders are entitled to receive payments, who have entered in the register as unit-holders as of the end of the business day on 11 December (record date). Consequently, the date of the change in the rights attached to the units (ex-date) is 8 December 2023.


If a natural person acquires the Fund’s units through the investment account (https://www.emta.ee/eraklient/maksud-ja-tasumine/maksustatavad-tulud/vaartpaberid-ja-investeerimiskonto), income tax is not withheld when making payments from the Fund. This is provided that the unit-holder has notified the fund manager of the use of the investment account.

Thus, we kindly request the unit-holders of the Fund’s D-units to inform the fund manager about the use of the investment account by 10.12.2023 at the latest. Given you have purchased the Fund’s D-units through an investment account, please confirm the following to the fund manager by e-mail:

I confirm that the D-units of the Trigon Dividend Fund have been acquired through the investment account and please do not withhold income tax when making payments from the fund.

For more information, please contact:

Mihkel Välja
Fund Manager
E-mail: funds@trigoncapital.com
+372 667 9231

The performance of the fund in previous periods does not guarantee the performance of the fund in the following periods. Read the fund’s prospectus and key information here https://trigoncapital.com/asset-management/ and consult with an expert.