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Trigon Russia Top Picks Fund temporarily closed for trading (extension)

The management board of AS Trigon Asset Management (the Management Company) has analysed the situation in the securities markets in connection with the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine. As of February 24, 2022, the sale of shares listed on the Russian Stock Exchange has been impeded, therefore the Fund may not be able to execute redemption orders. Additionally, the Management Company is currently unable to ensure a correct valuation of the funds’ holdings.

The decision to close trading in the fund is a measure taken for the protection of unitholders rights.

The Management Company is allowed to suspend the subscription and redemption of units for up to three months if there are significant disruptions to trading on a regulated market important to the Fund.

By a decision of 28.02.2022, the Management Company initially suspended the issue and redemption of units until 07.03.2022. At the moment, trading on the Russian stock exchange has not resumed, which is why transactions with the fund’s units must be suspended for a longer period of time. Due to the above, the Management Board of the Management Company has decided that the issue and redemption of the units of Trigon Russia Top Picks Fund has been suspended until further notice. The fund may remain closed for up to three months. The Management Company has the right to extend the period of suspension of the issue and redemption of units for more than three months with the consent of the Financial Supervision Authority. The Management Company analyses the need for extension on an ongoing basis and as the deadline approaches.

The unitholders may not buy or sell fund units as long as the fund is closed for trading. Unitholders can enter their buy / sell orders in the system and those will be processed as soon as the fund reopens.

The Management Company may restore the trading with units if the situation on the stock exchange changes and transactions are no longer impeded.

Unitholders have the right to ask clarifications about the changes by contacting the Management Company via e-mail funds@trigoncapital.com or telephone +372 667 9200.