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Partial reimbursement of Trigon Dividend Fund expenses

The Management Board of AS Trigon Asset Management (the Management Company) decided that from 01.03.2020 the Management Company will partially compensate the running costs of the Trigon Dividend Fund (the Fund). The Management Company will temporarily offset the costs with the aim of keeping the Fund’s total expense ratio (TER) within 1%. To achieve this objective, the Management Company will pay part of the Fund’s running costs, such as custodian fees and administration fees, instead of the Fund. Compensation of costs by the Management Company will not cause any damage to investors. During the time of reimbursement of expenses, the Fund’s fees and expenses shall be lower than those stipulated in the Prospectus of the Fund.

If the Management Company decides to discontinue the reimbursement of expenses, the Management Company shall publish a notice to that effect on its website.

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