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Notice about new Fund Rules and Prospectus of Trigon Russia Top Picks Fund and Trigon Baltic Fund

AS Trigon Asset Management (“Company”) informs about adopting new rules and prospectus for Trigon Russia Top Picks Fund and Trigon Baltic Fund (altogether “Funds”). Changed rules have been approved by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority with its decisions no 4.1-1/56 and 4.1-1/57 on 9th of April, 2018 and the changes become effective on the 15th of May 2018. The changed rules and prospectus of the Funds are available on the website of the Company www.trigoncapital.com.

The changes are performed due to enforcement of the new investment funds act as well as due to internal decision to remove from the Fund rules such information that has already been provided in the prospectus. Due to the re-domiciliation of the Trigon New Europe Fund to Luxembourg, all information about that fund has been deleted from the prospectus. The changes do not affect the investment policy of the Funds or the rights of the unit-holders. The Fund documents have been simplified and some parts re-written for better and more logical structure. In the Fund rules (clause 7.3) the list of the fees, charges and expenses that may be paid for the account of the Fund was updated to include full and specific list of all fees. This change is considered as a material change. The list has been updated in order to give the unit-holders detailed overview of all fees that may be paid for the account of the Fund. Updating the list however does not mean that the Company decides to take all those expenses from the Fund, each expense is always evaluated with due care and considering the interests of the unit-holders.

In the case the unitholders do not agree with the changes then they have the right to redeem their units without redemption fee by submitting a respective redemption order until 14th of May, 2018 at 17:00 (Estonian time).

Unitholders have the right to ask clarifications about the importance of the changes by contacting the Management Company via e-mail funds@trigoncapital.com or telephone +372 667 9200.